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The Institution of Work – Key information

Functionalist theory (Durkheim, Parsons)

key concepts: work as necessary for society and fulfilling for the individual. Status quo, roles, beneficial, men = paid work, women = unpaid work, gendered division of labour…

Conflict theory (Marx, Bell)

key concepts: alienation, industrial revolution, inequality, hierarchy, capitalism, Taylorism, Post-industrial period, manufacturing/service/knowledge industries, casualisation and underemployment…

Feminist theory (See feminist theorists listed for family)

key concepts: double burden, patriarchal dividend, gender pay gap, gendered division of labour, mental load, resistance…

Liquid and late modernity (Bauman, Giddens and Beck)

Precarious jobs, Gig economy, sharing economy, zero hour contracts, destandardisation, individualisation, insecurity, universal basic income…