The sociological imagination

Sociology-of-education_742x293 (2)

Today we delved further into the discipline of sociology: What is it? What is it not?

Sociology’s basic move is to argue that if you want to understand why people do what they do, look at the groups of which they are part. 

The sociological imagination was an idea developed by C Wright Mills (1959). Having a sociological imagination allows us to look beyond our individual lives and see the impact of social forces on our life chances. It’s about realising that  ‘private problems’ are, in fact, ‘public issues’.

We looked at a number of key concepts: society, culture, norms, values and sanctions. These words are all very important to the broader idea of ‘socialisation’. To cement our understanding of norms, we discussed male bathroom etiquette and we watched Nathan for You (season 1, episode 3 ‘Clothing store/Restaurant’)

See the PowerPoint below, as well as the reading and associated questions:

SociologyLesson1 (PowerPoint)



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