Subcultures and countercultures

The Bondi Hipsters – a comedy on ABC which parodies the hipster subculture.

Today we recapped on Interactionist theory – particularly Cooley’s “Looking-glass” self.

We also started talking about Australian culture, and the fact that we have a mainstream or ‘dominant’ culture which has certain norms, values and beliefs. For example, in Australia, some of the things we are thought to value include equality (e.g. a ‘fair go’), modesty (e.g. Tall poppy syndrome) and sport.

During the socialisation process, we are taught to adopt this culture. However, we are also members of various subcultures and sometimes countercultures.

What is a subculture?

Holmes, Hughes and Julian (2003, p. 319) define subculture as ‘A system of norms and values that is distinct from, but related to, the dominant culture.’

Believe it or not, this took me ages to make. Enjoy it.

Some examples we talked about in class included ‘hipsters’, ‘goths’, ‘metrosexuals’ and ‘skaters’.

Membership to various subcultures will, of course, greatly affect our identity formation.

We will continue this discussion, and find out about countercultures, next lesson.

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