Institutions: Stratification Part 2


During today’s lessons we focused on how stratification takes place within the institutions of both family and education.

Stratification is said to begin in the family home. The key argument is whether education continues this stratification process OR whether it allows for social mobility.

The PowerPoint below includes important information on this topic and includes questions which relate to the provided resources.

Stratification family and education Part 2 (PowerPoint)

Class handouts/resources:

The Australian (2011) article

Bowles and Gintis reading

Willis reading

Private v. Public schools funding



Institutions: Stratification


In recent lessons we have started to look at how stratification exists in Australian society. This is the idea that people are placed into different social categories within a hierarchy. Stratification is about class, status and power.

The following PowerPoint is part 1 of our stratification unit. Part 2 will focus on how the family and the education institutions create and maintain stratification.

Stratification family and education Part 1 (PowerPoint)

How social class operates in Australia:

Class in Australia (Research on class)