Deviance – 23/03/18 – Lesson 1


The videos for this lesson were slightly poor quality as the swivl camera was going bonkers, so I have summarised the lesson below:

  • We discussed the idea of ‘deviance’ and related it back to the clips we watched two lessons ago. We discussed what happens when people do not follow the expected behaviours of mainstream society.
  • We came up with possible theories for deviance.
  • We emphasized the fact that in Sociology, deviance is actually a PROCESS rather than a person, group, thing or behaviour – which is why we put quotation marks around the word ‘deviance’.
  • This idea that deviance is a process relates to the idea that deviance is RELATIVE. Whether a behaviour is considered deviant will depend upon the context (i.e. time, place, culture, history, status of actor and status of audience).
  • We started to look at the example of alcohol consumption in Australia.

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