Thursday 26 March – Deviance

  1. We continued to talk about the relativity of deviance – which is the idea that deviance is socially constructed. It is relative to time, place, culture, status of the actor and audience.

We used the following PowerPoint to discuss some examples of this:


2. We also added page numbers to our deviance reader (starting with no. 1 on the inside of front page).

We turned to page 1 of our deviance reader and read the paragraph titled Sociological theories of crime and deviance (this paragraph ends on the sentence ‘There is also concern that the concepts of crime and deviance are themselves problematic and contribute to the problem they seek to resolve, an issue examined later in this chapter’)

Please summarise that paragraph in your own words. This is the basis of our deviance essay. It helps structure the arguments.

We then answered the following questions in relation to the next section of the reader:


*Although cut off in the image above, there was an additional question “Can you apply this theory to any of the women in the SBS Lockdown documentary?”

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