Thursday 30 April – Deviance


Hi all,

It was so cool to read your contributions on the discussion boards, and the work you emailed. Thank you. I wonder if you read some of each other’s contributions…I hope so 🙂

What are we doing today?

Revising and learning theories of deviance

Evidence of engagement:

  • Email work as per instructions

What is this leading to?

Deviance essay (end of week 3)

Lesson details:

If you haven’t already, please read page 22-26 of your deviance reader and take notes in your exercise book about S.Cohen’s (1972) Moral Panic theory. Please ensure you include the concepts S.Cohen uses to explain his theory (e.g. folkdevils, accredited experts, othering)

In recent years, some parts of the media and political sphere focused heavily on so-called ‘African gangs’ in Australia.

The following two articles are opinion pieces that seek to explain how the media/politicians have presented the issue of ‘African gangs’:

Article 1

Article 2

Can you link this issue to S.Cohen’s theory? (Write 150 words on this – which is one large-ish handwritten paragraph)

TASK (please email your answers to me):

Read page 4 to 5 of your deviance reader focusing on the New Right perspective. Please write a 150 word paragraph which answers the following questions:

According to this perspective:

a) What are the causes of crime?

b) What should governments/police do to “fix” crime?

Please write 100 words on the ‘Broken Windows thesis’ (Wilson & Kelling, 1982)

Click here to watch a video on the Broken Windows thesis 

*When you watch the video, think about how it might apply to the Australian context.

Extension activity: If you finished the above with plenty of time to go, please start to look at Hirshi’s (1969) Control theory (page 13-14 of the deviance reader) and take notes on this theory in your exercise book.

Remember: Email me any questions you might have.

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