Tuesday 5 May – Deviance


What are we doing today?

Revising and learning theories of deviance

Evidence of engagement:

  • Presence at the Zoom meeting
  • Contribution to discussion board

What is this leading to?

Deviance essay (end of week 3)

Lesson plan

Hirschi’s (1969) Control theory

If you were unable to attend the Zoom session, or you would like to further clarify your understanding of Hirschi’s Control theory, read pg 13 to 15 of your deviance reader and takes notes on this theory.

Labelling theory

Video explaining Labelling theory

Please take notes on this theory. If you would like to go beyond the video, you can go to page 5, 6, 15 and 16 of the deviance reader to add further detail. (Your notes should include the theorists Lemert, Becker and Garfinkel)


Read the following extract from the van Krieken et al (2017) textbook about indigenous people and crime:


Watch this episode of ABC’s Australian Story on AFL player Marlion Pickett 

Using each of the theories below, explain how the theory would attempt to explain Marlion’s situation. Write these explanations in your book.

New Right theory

Hirschi’s (1969) Control theory

Labelling theory (including Lemert, Becker and Garfinkel)

Once you have completed all three, choose one of your theory explanations to post to this discussion board.








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