Thursday 7 May – Deviance


We will do our first sociological essay on Thursday 14 May (next Thurs).

You can read about the essay by clicking below:


Click here to watch a video where I try to explain how to write an introduction and the key ingredients of a body paragraph for this essay (*Warning* – you may need to make yourself a snack to get through this bad boy)

Traditional theories (theories that don’t acknowledge relativity and instead follow an absolute definition of deviance…they also tend to blame the individual):

Durkheim, Sutherland, Merton (Merton kind of does see society as partly to blame, but doesn’t recognise relativity), A. Cohen, Hirschi, New Right.

Contemporary theories/interactionist theories (theories that acknowledge relativity of deviance, and tend to blame society):

S.Cohen, Lemert, Becker, Garfinkel, Marxist, New Left.

For the rest of the lesson, read about the Marxist perspective of deviance and Left Realism (pg. 6 to 7). ****If you are overwhelmed and tired, then leave these last two theories for end of year.

Have a good day. Everything will be OK.



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