Tuesday 18 May – Introduction to new unit: Institutions


We have a Zoom today at 10.30am

Lesson focus:

What is an institution?

Why would Sociologists be interested in institutions?

How would you define ‘family’?

Is the family in decline in contemporary Australian society?

Family forms

Changes to the family



Please answer the following questions in your exercise book

a) Use the resource below to explain how family has changed in Australia:

Australian Institute of Family Studies 

b) Why do you think these changes have occurred?

c) How do you fit into this picture?

  • What type of family are you in? (e.g. Nuclear, Single-parent ..)
  • Do you want to get married? Why/why not?
  • At what age would you consider marriage?
  • Do you want to have children? How many?
  • At what age would you consider having your first child? (Explain)
  • How do you think having a child(ren) would affect your work life?
  • What’s more important to you: flexibility, romance, freedom OR stability, companionship and commitment?

d) Watch this video I made for my 2017 Sociology class that presents a introduction to the theories about the institution of family. Take dot point notes on each theory.

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