Investigative Project (IP)

Van Krieken 🙂 

Checklist for today:

  1. Open and save IP TEMPLATE to student folder/computer if you haven’t already (emailed to you)
  2. If you are yet to send interview requests to potential participants and need an idea of what to write in the email click on the following document: EmailTemplate
  3. Email/contact ALL potential participants by end of lesson (if you are still seeking participants, you need to email Ella to ask for assistance)
  4. Write 15 questions for interviews – send to Ella if she has not seen already. If you are doing survey, complete this and send to Ella by end of lesson.
  5. Write ethics brief (What is the study for? What is it about? tip: avoid overly sociological/academic language, anonymity, confidentiality, voluntary participation, right to withdraw…)
  6. Write introduction (see IP Template for tips) *If you haven’t got 10 or more secondary sources, spend this time seeking additional sources. Email Ella if you are struggling with finding relevant information.
  7. Write reference list (see IP Template for tips and use University of Sydney APA guide – spare copies in classroom brochure holder)
  8. Write methods section (see IP Template for tips)